International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management

SI: Commodities Financial Management

IJFERM is a scholarly peer-reviewed international journal covering all aspects of the theory and practice of financial engineering and risk management. IJFERM is particularly interested in promoting research related to the development and implementation of new quantitative models leading to operational decision aids in finance. This perspective is motivated by the increasing complexity of financial decisions and the rapidly increasing use of quantitative methods for the design and implementation of innovative financial instruments, processes and solutions to financial decision-making problems.


The purpose of IJFERM is to publish innovative, original and high-standard research aiming to provide as broad a coverage as possible of different relevant modelling approaches and paradigms stemming from traditional fields such as probability theory, stochastic calculus, statistics, econometrics, as well as from new approaches based on management science/operations research and artificial intelligence.


IJFERM is of interest to a broad audience including academics, researchers, professionals and policy makers.


IJFERM publishes high quality original and review papers as well as case studies. Special issues devoted to important topics relevant to the quantitative aspects of financial engineering financial risk management and financial decision-making will occasionally be published.

Subject Coverage

  • Asset pricing
  • Asset-liability management
  • Capital budgeting and financial planning
  • Computational and mathematical finance
  • Corporate performance and efficiency analysis
  • Decision support systems for financial decision making
  • Financial forecasting and econometrics
  • Fund management
  • Hedging and trading strategies
  • Interest rate modelling
  • Investment appraisal and management
  • Operations research/management science models in finance
  • Quantitative behavioural finance
  • Project finance
  • Risk metrics and risk management







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