09 December 2021

Publications from the 10th Conference of FEBS

The Book “Essays on Financial Analytics” will be prepared for the book series Lecture Notes in Operations Research  of Springer on the occasion of the 10th International Conference of FEBS, which was held in Lille (by the LSMRC Laboratory, IAE - Lille University -  School of Management, France) in 2021.

The book is guest edited by Prof. Alphonse Pascal (University of Lille, France), Prof. Bouaiss Karima (University of Lille, France), Prof. Grandin Pascal (University of Lille, France) and Prof. Constantin Zopounidis (Technical University of Crete, Greece).

High quality original research papers in financial analytics are expected. The book is committed to stimulating scientific exchanges, ideas and experiences in the field of financial analytics in economics and management. 

Papers can be submitted through the online conference system 'FEBS2021' :



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