17 July 2023

Special issues from the 12th International Conference

On the occasion of the 12th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society, recently held in Chania-Greece, three special issues have been arranged for the Journal of Financial Stability (JFS), the Journal of Forecasting (JOF), and the Journal of Energy Markets (JEM):

1) Journal of Financial Stability

Interested authors must e-mail their manuscripts to the Guest Editors, Prof. Fotios Pasiouras (Associate Editor of JFS) and Prof. Chrysovalantis Gaganis, at f.pasiouras@montpellier-bs.com and c.gaganis@uoc.gr. Subject should be: Submission for JFS SI – FEBS 2023.

The papers must fall within the scope of JFS, that is to provide a forum for rigorous theoretical and empirical macro and micro economic and financial analysis of the causes, management, resolution and preventions of financial crises.

Upon an initial screening, the Guest Editors in consultation with the Managing Editor of JFS (Prof. Iftekhar Hasan) will select high quality submissions that fall into the aims and scope of JFS for further consideration. All the papers that will pass this initial editorial screening will be subject to a double-blind review in accordance with the policy of the JFS.

The submission deadline is August 31st.

2) Journal of Forecasting, special issue “Forecasting Climate Risks in Financial Markets”

This special issue seeks to cover the recent advances in the theory and applications of forecasting approaches in all areas related to the assessment and management of climate risks for decision-making in the context of the financial markets and the financial industry (e.g., equity and bond markets, commodities, banking, real estate, etc.). On the methodological side, the special issue aims to cover different forecasting paradigms, including traditional statistical and econometric models, high-frequency forecasting, as well as new modelling systems and technologies, such as artificial intelligence. Submitted papers should cover methodological developments and provide novel empirical results with strong decision-making implications.

Information and guidelines regarding the submission process can be found in the call for papers of the special issue.

The submission deadline is July 31st.

3) Journal of Energy Markets, special issue “Accelerating the Energy Transition”

This Special Issue will include analyses across the range of all relevant topics of energy and environmental policy design, such as subsidy policy, fuel price developments, competition and innovation policy in energy markets. Contributions will be selected through a refereeing process consistent with the standard reviewing process of The Journal of Energy Markets, to ensure that only original contributions of the highest quality will be included. Contributions are expected to provide an original methodology for determining solutions to the policy problems in the energy markets, proving the relevance for guidance to policymakers in designing new policy scenarios for renewable development and economic growth.

Information and guidelines regarding the submission process can be found in the call for papers of the special issue.

The submission deadline is August 31st.

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